Shun Extreme Views and Adopt Middle Way for Sustainable Peace!

Dear Friends,

Extreme views, opinions, perspectives and practices have the nature of destroying the human dignity. By following and subscribing extreme views could cause a huge damage to the human dignity. Extreme views always lead to violence, disrespect, restlessness, agitation, impatience, intolerance inequality, injustice, anger and hatred. On account of clinging to extreme views human beings suffer deeply. As their suffering becomes unbearable, they spill suffering onto all others. If we love humanity and us we should find and adopt a principle of middle way by shunning the extreme views. The principle of middle way leads to non-violence, respect, calm, patience, tolerance, equality, justice, love, kindness and sustainable peace. I strongly believe by following the principle of middle way we can be at peace, we can become happy and peaceful. We can live side by side with acceptance, tolerance, love and kindness. Please think about this. May you always live a peaceful and happy life through the light of middle way!

With many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

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