Patience and equanimity are great blessings!


Let’s train ourselves to be patient and equanimous. These are great spiritual virtues praised by enlightened masters. No matter what we do and how we live in the society, someone is going to criticize us. They are going to nag us. This can’t be stopped. If someone criticizes you, try to bear it up with an equanimous mind and remain calm. If someone yells at you, you should not yell at him in return. If someone despises you, don’t despise him back. In these circumstances, see if you can be patient with yourself and them. Learn to endure it with clarity and stability of the mind. Instead of yelling and despising back, reflect for a second and see if you can understand why they are criticizing you, yelling at you and despising you. There is a reason for that person to behave in such a way. May be it is your certain behaviour causing the person to behave that way. With much patience and equanimous mind, see if you could help the person to alleviate his/her pain by changing your behaviour. I strongly believe, with the virtues of patience and equanimity all detrimental circumstances can be avoided in any circumstances. With virtues of patience and equanimity heated arguments and fights can be neutralized. Patience and equanimity are great blessings that pave the way to sustainable peace !
With many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

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