Loving-kindness Meditation for Canadian Police

Loving-kindness Meditation for Canadian Police

I am so moved by seeing this video clip of yesterday’s program with the police officers who visited our temple. This video clip is a must-watch one by everyone. It gives a great joy to see police officers are honestly practicing the loving-kindness meditation with me. Once again yesterday it was such a great privilege to spend two hours with this group of officers from the Peel Regional Police. Last June, Constable Cameron Walker of the Peel Regional Police said to me that “Given the great success of our last visit with you I would love to send our next group of recruits who will be back from training at the Ontario Police College to learn more about your temple and the benefits of Buddhism and meditation.” I happily received them today. After an hour long lecture on Buddhist teachings, I taught them how to do loving-kindness meditation for the benefit of the officers as well as all of all sentient beings. After the program all officers enjoyed some Sri Lankan traditional short-eats and then they joyfully left our temple with positive experiences. Making Canada a More Mindful and Kinder Nation with the Urban Buddhist Monk. Please visit our website for the Mindful Canada Symposium taking place on October 8th at the Beanfield Centre, Toronto: www.canadaamindfulnation.ca
Thank you and many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk
Click here for pictures of this program

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