Let us develop the swan’s skill!

Dear Friends,

Did you know that the swan has a unique skill? In many cultural and spiritual myths and legends the swan has highly been praised for this special skill. The swan, of course, is an ancient symbol of spiritual grace and purity. But, the special skill the swan has is the one we are trying to develop within ourselves and instil in the young hearts and minds. Suppose we mix water with milk. It is said that the swan has the skill and ability to separate milk from water. Leaving the water aside, the swan drinks milk only. In the same way, the entire society is a mixture of good and bad. Like the swan, we should be able to separate good from bad. And, we should also help the children develop the same skill. Now imagine we help children develop the swan’s skill, as they grow up and take up the responsibilities and duties of the family, society and the world, we can secure a good family, society and world in the future. With love for the humanity let us give an education to our next generation to develop the swan’s skill. Through this education they will be able to separate good from bad and they will choose to follow the good only by leaving the bad aside. Sustainable peace if guaranteed !

With many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

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