Gods will await in the heaven by holding a banner: “Welcome, my beloved, welcome!

Dear Friends,

Here is a thought to seriously think about. Now imagine we are living abroad. After many years, we pay a visit to our loved ones and relatives in the home country. Indeed, our loved ones will eagerly be counting the days and will arrive at the airport to receive us with lot of excitement and much joy ! With much delight we would be received and welcomed at the airport, or in the city gate, or at the village by your loved ones, relatives, and friends and colleagues. They will be much delighted to see you. Buddha told this simile to convey a great message. That is when we do good deeds and collect merits, the deities, gods will welcome and receive us with the same sentiment. They will wait for us with such an eagerness in the divine worlds.

We know that we are not going to live forever. There will come a day to bid farewell to everyone. Because of our good deeds and merits, when wo go to heavenly world, the gods, celestial beings will receive and welcome us with much joy and delight. In fact, it is our sole aspiration to go to heaven after our death. With lot of merits, when we go heaven, the gods and celestial beings will celebrate our arrival with great joy.

Keep this simile in mind and reflect on this message everyday.

With many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

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