Every mistake should be a great lesson for us !

Dear Friends,
We make mistakes. It doesn’t mean we are bad people. We should understand we were not born with enlightened minds and clear instructions. This is why we have weaknesses. Our biggest weakness is giving in to emotions which make us blind. By and large we are doing things in life under the influence of self-centredness. This is so deeply rooted in us. When we make mistakes, we should not get sunk in them with regrets/guilt and suffer from them for the rest of our life. Mistakes should not make us weak, instead we should learn lessons from every mistake we make and become stronger and stronger to become better human beings. This is why we practice Dhamma. The purpose of the Dhamma practice is to free us from guilt and regrets that normally arise from mistakes we make through weaknesses.
With many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

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