A Three Steps Ladder to Heaven: Truth, Love and Giving

Dear Friends,

Today I want to tell you a Buddhist story. One day a disciple of the Buddha paid a visit to heaven and he asked three gods how they ended up there. The first god said all he did nothing else but speaking the truth in his entire life. The second god said all she did was giving love but not getting angry with anyone during the most upsetting and difficult times. The third god said all he did was giving something to someone whenever asked. The monk returned to the human world and told the Buddha about his adventure. He asked the Buddha what would take a person to heaven. Then Buddha said, “O, Monk, you heard from three gods what took them to heaven.” Reconfirming what gods explained to the monk, Buddha said, “One should speak the truth. One should not yield to anger. One should give when asked even if it is only a little. By means of these three, one may go to the world of the devas” (gods.) So, my dear friends, to secure your life in the heavenly world, train yourself to speak truth by shunning lying. Train yourself to cultivate love and compassion by shunning anger and hatred. Train yourself to be generous by shunning greed and stinginess. These are the three steps of the ladder to the heaven!

With many blessings!
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

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