A day of success will make a life of success one day

A day of success will make a life of success one day. If you can make your day successful and meaningful, you can make your life successful and meaningful one day. Think now how you can make your day a great success today. Your life will be full of blessings, when you make your day full of blessings today by doing something very positive. Therefore, never waste even a second today. Make use of every second your got today by doing something very meaningful. Every meaningful second will be a meaningful minute. Every meaningful minute will be a meaningful hour. Every meaningful hour will be a meaningful day. Every meaningful day will be a meaningful week. Every meaningful week will be a meaningful month. Every meaningful month will be a meaningful year. Every meaningful year will one day be a meaningful life.
With man blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

Happy Vesak!

On Full Moon Day (May 10th), Buddhists around the globe are celebrating Vesak. Vesak is the celebration of Birth, Enlightenment and Attainment of Mahaparinibbana of the Buddha. I would like to wish Happy Vesak to all my friends!

These students from Assumption Catholic Elementary School in Burlington are so blessed to have gotten the opportunity today to come and learn and practice meditation on the eve of Vesak Day right here at our temple. They learned about Buddha and His Teachings and meditation for a happy life. May their life be blessed with peace and happiness! Happy Vesak!

How do you find peace in the hustle and bustle of Toronto?

On May 2nd I attended the press release for the Parliament of World’s Religion at the Toronto City Hall. After the press release, as we were mingling with and talking to different people present at the press release, one lady asked me a question, “Urban Buddhist Monk, you look serene, calm and happy. You are even smiling beautifully. I am positive your presence in the city is greatly appreciated by many Torontonians. I have a question for you. Life in Toronto downtown is stressful. Driving in this city drives you nut. How can we deal with hustle and bustle in Toronto? How can we find peace in the city?

I carefully listened to her question and told her, “Look my friend. First of all, you have chosen to live in this city by knowing the nature of downtown Toronto. Like every major city in the world, life in Toronto is crazy and busy. It is a live city around the clock. Toronto is Canada’s global financial hub. All people are ending up here. You need to be mindful about this. As you have chosen to live your life here, many thousands of people have also chosen to live their life in the city. So, this city has become crowded. There is no way that you can change hustle and bustle environment of Toronto. Instead of changing the environment, change your attitude toward the city of Toronto. If you want to find peace in this city, let yourself to accept the life in the city with an insight, “It is what it is. This is the nature of the urban and industrialized city. By complaining about the hustle and bustle in the city, you yourself are getting annoyed, but not the city. City is city. It is ok and moving on without complaining about anything. As the city has accepted you with no complaint at all, you also should learn to accept the city with no complaint at all. The city is city. It is what it is. With such acceptance, try to adopt the turtle attitude every day. Then I told her the Buddhist story of turtle how it pulled its own limbs and neck inside and remained calmly inside the hard shell, when the jackal was aiming at it for its food. Changing your attitude toward the hustle and bustle of Toronto, you can find peace in the city. City is city and it is what it is. Either accept the city life as it is or you can choose to live your life in a hustle-and-bustle-free environment in a country side.” I have encouraged her to be like the turtle and meditate every day for half an hour. Right at the end of our conversation, she took deep sigh and found a huge relief. She expressed her deep gratitude and said I am going to do a little writeup about this conversation.

With many blessings !
Bhante Saranapala
The Urban Buddhist Monk

Parliament of World’s Religion will be held in Toronto – 2018

Today it was such a great day for Torontonians. Toronto mayor John Tory along with the executive members and leaders of all faith traditions in Toronto had a press conference at the Toronto City Hall this afternoon to announce that next Parliament of World Religion will be held in Toronto in the first week of November 2018. Toronto will be hosting this Parliament of World Religion at Metro Convention Centre. I have the privilege to serve in the Steering Committee and also to represent Toronto Buddhist community to this prestigious event. Stay tuned for more updates in coming months.