Slowly and surely Making a Difference in the World

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Mindfulness Meditation for Paramedics in the Niagara Region

These are two paramedics who came to my weekly meditation class last Wednesday all the way from Niagara Falls. They are very interested in my mindfulness meditation program and they want me to conduct some sessions for their fellow paramedics in the Niagara Region. Accordingly, I will do one mindfulness session for them at the end of August and second session at the end of September. Amazing change is taking place!

An Upcoming Interview: The Urban Buddhist Monk & the Mindful Cop

Stay tuned for an amazing interview with the Canadian Urban Buddhist Monk and the Mindful Cop. We were interviewed last Tuesday by Anagha Kulkarni Maitra from CE (Collective Evolution). It has been titled as “Humble Men in Uniform with a Common Mission…Making Canada More Mindful Nation.” CE will start sharing it soon with their 6 million subscribers.