Meditation is not enough Part 1/2 August 20, 2014

Comment on the article “Meditation Isn’t Enough: A Buddhist Perspective on Suicide” from The Huffington Post published on August 12, 2014. The article was published by Lodro Rinzler as a reflection after the death of Robin Williams.

Meditation is only one aspect of the Buddhist practice, the aspect that most people in the West put all the emphasis. However the practice involves other aspects as described in the Noble Eightfold Path. This talk elaborates on the different aspects of the Buddhist practice.

Bhavana Meditation and Emotions August 13, 2014

The practice of Bhavana meditation or as it is also called mindfulness, concentration, transcendental or vipassana meditation, refers to the development of the mind in Buddhist terms.

As human beings we all face the problem of our own emotions, such as agitation, anger, agitation and craving just to name a few of the negative ones (and also positive emotions).

This talk explains how to Bhavana meditation helps us to deal with our daily emotions.